Economic Connectivity in Ukraine a Regional Focus


Ukraine has changed rapidly since Russia’s an­nexation of Crimea and the outbreak of fighting in the Donbas. The destruction of infrastructure, new dividing lines and the closing of the Rus­sian market, while the EU market has opened, have all permanently changed Ukraine’s econ­omy. This study is unique, as it pays tribute to Ukraine’s economic diversity […]

An Honest Anti-Corruption Campaign


The traditionally silent summer has taken an unexpected turn. The prosecutor’s office and new anti-corruption prosecutor have intensified their activity: a major anti-corruption campaign has been publicly rolled out, and suspected corrupt officials and powerful figures in Ukraine are appearing regularly in the headlines.  More about recent tendencies you can read in our new report […]

Budget Chronicles: 1st quarter, 2016


In the first quarter of 2016 revenues of the consolidated budget increased by 16.5%. The expenditures of the consolidated budget in the first quarter were traditionally low. In the result, the consolidated budget was implemented with the surplus of 3.9 billion UAH. More details on the implementation of the consolidated budget of Ukraine in first […]

Intern wanted


Center for social and economic research – CASE Ukraine is looking for an intern to deal with macro-economic analysis. Responsibilities: Macro-statistics analysis; Database support; Macro-economic forecasting; Monthly reports drafting; Required skilled: Interest in macroeconomics; Flexibility; Knowledge of macro-economic theory; Strong command of statistical tools; Strong command of econometric tools; Experience with data sets; Fluent English. […]

Administrative Director Needed


Center for social and economic research – CASE Ukraine is looking for administrative director. Responsibilities: daily support for the Executive Director; improvement of internal business processes, development and implementation of formal governance rules; development of corporate web-site of the Center; Required skilled: high education in social science (economics, public administration etc). more than three years […]

Glimmers of Recovery


Ukraine is definitely on recovery path. Macroeconomic statistics are exceeding projections, and political life is finally stabilizing. The business environment has also begun improving, with evidence of some steps taken toward reform. But the recovery should largely be understood as stemming from a low indicator baseline from the same period in 2015.  More about economic […]

The Worst is Over


Things in Ukraine keep looking up. Ukrainian singer Jamala’s victory at the Eurovision 2016 international song contest, Nadiya Savchenko’s release from a Russian jail cell, and dozens of other pieces of positive news have all helped boost public morale. After two years of hardship, Ukrainians are still afraid to believe that the worst has passed […]

Budget Chronicles: 2015


In 2015 general budget revenues increased 40.8% y/y up, general budget spending increased 29.9% y/y.The resulting rate of the consolidated budget deficit reached 1.6% of GDP. Consolidated budget revenues amounted to UAH 652.0 billion in 2015, which is more by 40.8%, as compared with the 2014. This outcome is mainly due to the devaluation, inflation, […]

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