A Lull in the Barrage of Bad News


The situation on the Eastern front has eased over the past month and, surprisingly, the flow of disturbing news has also ebbed.  Instead of tanks and shelling, the headlines have focused on debt restructuring.  A kind of lull has settled over the country. At the same time economic figures keep telling a scary story. More […]

Challenging Times


“Debt operations,” an overly optimistic spending plan, tough reforms, the threat emanating from the east and intensified infighting between various Ukrainian factions are all part of Ukraine’s new reality. While these things don’t stoke optimism, there are nonetheless positive developments. There is, for example, a significant improvement in Cabinet personnel policy. We have observed dozens […]

Budget Chronicles: 4th quarter, 2014


Neither public revenue targets, nor public expenditure targets were reached in 2014. However, the Ukrainian government did not learn its lesson, and the budget for 2015 is not realistic either. The consolidated budget’s revenues for the 4th quarter of 2014 totaled 122.7 billion UAH, which is 5.0% more than for the 4th quarter of 2013, […]

2015 budget: an “empty” version


On December 29, 2014, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law On State Budget 2015. The bill introduced to the parliament several days before the voting offered a too ambitious income plan (with an anticipated growth of over 30%), included a very wide fiscal gap (8.8% of GDP, including 3.7% GDP of the central […]

Budget Chronicles: 3rd Quarter, 2014


In the third quarter of the 2014, four topics in the fiscal arena came to the fore in Ukraine: the impact of higher taxes on budget revenues, budgetary relations with the occupied territories of eastern Ukraine, the impact of fiscal policy on the local currency’s destabilization and the beginnings of a new budget being formulated […]

Navigating a Cold Peace


The “Truce treaty” with the separatists has left Ukraine in a very unclear position. On one hand, President Petro Poroshenko says this step was crucial to halting further Russian advances into Ukrainian territory (though the Russian Army’s heavy casualties were probably the real reason). On the other hand, it created a Transnistria-style gray zone in […]

Ukrainians know what are they paid taxes


Більшість українців переконані, що їхні потреби (освіту, охорону здоров’я, безпеку, пенсії тощо) забезпечує держава. Однак це міф – насправді всі ці напрями фінансуються податками, які сплачують пересічні громадяни. Наприклад, людина з “чистою” зарплатою 3 тис. грн. сплачує до бюджету 32 тис. грн. податків на рік. Центр CASE Україна започаткував громадську ініціативу «Ціна держави», яка має […]

Presentation of the initiative “Price State”


9 вересня о 12:00 годині в приміщенні Інституту Горшеніна (Київ, вул. Мала Житомирська, 18-б) Центр соціально-економічних досліджень – CASE Україна презентує ініціативу «Ціна держави» та однойменну веб-сторінку, розроблену в рамках цієї ініціативи. «Податки та бюджет» – звучить нудно та нецікаво. Звичайна людина не буде розбиратись у сотнях цифр з багатьма нулями. Але якщо покладатись лише […]

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