Navigating a Cold Peace


The “Truce treaty” with the separatists has left Ukraine in a very unclear position. On one hand, President Petro Poroshenko says this step was crucial to halting further Russian advances into Ukrainian territory (though the Russian Army’s heavy casualties were probably the real reason). On the other hand, it created a Transnistria-style gray zone in […]

Ukrainians know what are they paid taxes


Більшість українців переконані, що їхні потреби (освіту, охорону здоров’я, безпеку, пенсії тощо) забезпечує держава. Однак це міф – насправді всі ці напрями фінансуються податками, які сплачують пересічні громадяни. Наприклад, людина з “чистою” зарплатою 3 тис. грн. сплачує до бюджету 32 тис. грн. податків на рік. Центр CASE Україна започаткував громадську ініціативу «Ціна держави», яка має […]

Presentation of the initiative “Price State”


9 вересня о 12:00 годині в приміщенні Інституту Горшеніна (Київ, вул. Мала Житомирська, 18-б) Центр соціально-економічних досліджень – CASE Україна презентує ініціативу «Ціна держави» та однойменну веб-сторінку, розроблену в рамках цієї ініціативи. «Податки та бюджет» – звучить нудно та нецікаво. Звичайна людина не буде розбиратись у сотнях цифр з багатьма нулями. Але якщо покладатись лише […]

(uk) Бюджетний літопис: 2 квартал 2014 року 01.09.2014


In the 2nd quarter of 2014, the performance of the budget, which has already sustained some cuts, will be strained. Unfortunately, the government has failed to show significant results in countering the tax evasion schemes. Instead, the revenue on the major taxes (VAT and income tax) has continued to fall at an increasing rate against […]

War Aggravates Economic Problems


Intensified fighting around Donetsk and Luhansk triggered a 12.1% y/y industrial output slump in July. The Luhansk oblast reported a 56% y/y decline in industrial production, while the Donetsk oblast’s output fell 28.5% y/y that month. In August, military forces intensified their operations, as the Ukrainian Army shut down the last supply lines from Russia […]

Why do we need evidence-based policy: an investigation story?


Decision-making methods at the top-level of the government never were trustworthy for knowledgeable people. In public, no doubt, the “official” label always served as a sign of quality and common people were used to mantra “boss knows better”. However, the truth is that behind loud claims and arguments of high officials one will not necessarily […]

Punishing Russia, without Triggering WWIII


Despite all Ukraine’s difficulties, the latest the collapse of its ruling coalition, it looks as though the country is winning the war with Russia in terms of international community support. It’s a challenging conflict, and the renewed internal political fight in Kyiv doesn’t bode well for a smooth path to victory. After the downing of […]

Three CASE economists share expert analysis with Ukraine’s “Ekonomichna Pravda.”


Speaking with regard to the government’s issuing of VAT bonds, executive director at the Center for Social and Economic Research (CASE) Dmytro Boyarchuk emphasised the substantial interest of foreign investors in the country’s potentially profitable bonds. “Foreign investors show remarkable interest in VAT bonds as long as they are profitable and secure, as the devaluation […]

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