Current analysis

Current state of the Ukrainian economy and prospects for the future


The project analyzes macroeconomic conditions in the country, demographics and household income, and overview the financial markets in the country. The project is divided into three parts: macroeconomic analysis, demographics and wealth distribution, and financial markets.

The Macroeconomic Analysis

The macroeconomic analyses includes the following subsets of questions:

  • Description of the current economic situation in Ukraine and perspectives (fiscal & monetary policy, trade, FDI, inflation, unemployment etc.)
  • Macroeconomic forecasts (2004-2006) and assessment of mid-term growth

The Demographics and Wealth Analysis

This part includes the following subsets of questions:

  • Demographic analysis (including forecast)
  • Analysis of household incomes (including forecast)
  • Analysis of household savings (distribution, with the distinction between financial and non-monetary savings)

Analysis of Financial Markets

This part includes the following topics:

  • Financial market analysis (in the context of supply and attractiveness of products offered to households), such as savings in banks, stocks, investment funds, pension funds, insurance, real estate, etc.
  • Survey of local instruments (investment possibilities for insurance companies)
  • Financial results of asset management companies
Тематичні напрямки
  • Current analysis
  • Economic development of transition
  • Trade policy and WTO membership
  • Projects

March 11, 2004