Will There Be Changes In the Medical Reform?

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Medical reform implies that a person will be able to receive a certain part of the guaranteed medical services, and this part will be clearly stated in the law. No one will be able to say ‘No!’ to the patient, CASE Ukraine`s Executive Director Dmytro Boyarchuk wrote in a ‘Novoye Vremia’ column.

In addition, a person will be able to independently choose which medical institution and with which particular doctor will provide relevant medical care.

This guaranteed health care services list will depend on the resources that are available here and now. Everyone understands that nobody can tumble over oneself.

Medical reform is generally accepted and necessary for us, because today people’s right to free medicine is practically not implemented. There is a part of pharmaceuticals, which the state, roughly speaking, supposedly provides – by documents; however, the person still does not receive them. The patient is still sent to buy these medications at their own expense.

Now, if there are funds for a certain list of services, it will be financed. When financing is better, this list of services will expand. But if there are no resources, there will be less free services. You need to be ready for that.

With regard to the financial burden on the budget of Ukraine, the medical reform will not radically change the situation. I would even say that the situation will improve. It will simply be clear: people will know that they are entitled to one, two or three free services. But for ‘this’ medical service you have to pay extra, because the state is poor and cannot finance it.

October 19, 2017