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Strategy for social benefits monetization in Ukraine


The project aims to develop a theoretical background of social benefits monetization in Ukraine. The current social benefits system is notable by inefficiency and poor targeting of vulnerable parts of population. In addition to this the system of social protection is based on economic fundamentals which include price subsidies mechanisms (in housing services and communal transportation. Although the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine is working hard on improvement of targeting instrument, shaky background of price subsidization is left unconsidered.  At this project CASE Ukraine researchers will concentrate on this very specific issue.  The main idea is to econometrically simulate elimination of price subsidies and estimate possible consequences of the reform on poverty level, inequality and fiscal stance.

Later on, the team of researchers will move to econometric estimations of different scenarios for price subsidies reformation. The results of simulations will be tested on adequacy to institutional background i.e. if the scenarios are realistic to implementing in modern Ukraine.  Based on the above mentioned steps CASE Ukraine experts will propose to the government recommendations for the most suitable scenario of reforms.

Privileges in kind: social protection or encouragement system (pdf, 393.70Kb)

Privileges monetization – Russian experience (pdf, 348.12Kb)

  • The project was implemented with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland
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July 11, 2008