Survey on FDI Motives and Impediments

“CASE Ukraine” is currently carrying the investigation of motives and impediments for foreign investment in Ukraine under the EU-funded project researching Economic Potential and Opportunities in the New Eastern Neighbourhood.
The overall purpose of the project is to uncover sentiments, needs and wants of foreign investors in the CIS economies (Ukraine, in particular). The European Commission will incorporate the results of the research in its future policy towards Eastern neighbours. The results of the survey will be publicly available.
We would appreciate your completing the questionnaire and returning it to Ms. Anna Tsarenko, who is coordinating the survey by e-mail: or by fax (+38 044) 483-2614.
Please be informed that the survey is focused at the companies with foreign direct investment or affiliates of multinational enterprises.
Thank you in advance for taking your valuable time to answer the questions.
July 29, 2007