2017 Economy: We Are Blessed


CASE Ukraine`s Executive Director Dmytro Boyarchuk commented to the ‘Dengi.UA’ media outlet on the 2017 economic situation. In his opinion, this year`s economy grows rapidly. The process was not even prevented by the rupture of trade relations with the Donbas.

The boom of domestic investment and steady growth in consumer demand offset the poor results of industry, which is influenced by the drop in coal production.

‘If we talk about the risk factors for the country’s economy in 2018 and what can negatively affect economic growth, one should understand that the tendency of economic growth is fairly stable. There is a problem of attracting investments, and investments depend on cooperation with the IMF. Here we have a problem.

While it is commonly believed that the cooperation will be continued, but, taking into account all the actions regarding NABU, there is a high risk of funding being paused. This move, of course, will not cause a fall or other drastic consequences, but Hryvnia will fall. In addition, there will be a logical question as how to pay back external debts, the expert concludes.

December 21, 2017