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Experts Doubt the Government`s Ability to Meet IMF`s Conditions for Receiving the 4th Tranche till the End of the Year


Dmytro Boyarchuk, CASE Ukraine`s Executive Director, shared with UNIAN media outlet his evaluations over the probability of a timely implementation of the International Monetary Fund`s (IMF) conditions by the Ukrainian authorities and accordingly of receiving the 4th tranche.
As Center for Social and Economic Research CASE Ukraine`s Director Dmytro Boyarchuk said, the IMF`s claims are ’very correct’ ones, but their implementation will take much more time than it is stated in the memorandum. ‘The land reform is no less ambitious than the gas tariff and ‘Naftogaz’ reforms.’

The memorandum stated: ‘To apply the law of the market …’, but there are indeed a lot of fears and manipulations around the process. And there are influential groups that do not need the land market, and they do not seem just to give up’, – he explained.

The expert noted that two September`s points of the memorandum are the large-scale reforms. ‘I do not think it’s the prospect of the next three months. In any case, I will be surprised if the land reform will over the next three months moved ahead and the moratorium will be removed, because the law on a turnover of the agricultural land is the last condition to no longer continue the moratorium’, Boyarchuk said.

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October 5, 2016