The Head of Ukraine`s Government Volodymyr Hroisman Talked With Experts About the Reform Process


On November 17 Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Hroisman met with civil society representatives to discuss actual issues of public life and government`s actions.‘It is important to get feedback of what is taking place in our society, country, to hear what you care about, where you see the challenges, what progress we have and where we do not have it. We should adjust the government`s actions’, said Volodymyr Hroisman at the beginning of the meeting.

There are many things on the agenda: beginning of large-scale privatization of state enterprises, accelerating corporatization and management changes, pension reform and development of the land circulation model, completing civil service reform, reforming hydroenergetics, coal industry, customs, recovering industry and so on.

During the meeting, civil activists and government representatives discussed the government`s steps in sectoral reforms, including energy efficiency, health care, continuing decentralization, supporting economic growth and living standards.

The meeting was attended by experts and leaders of a number of NGOs and think tanks, including representatives of CASE Ukraine.

November 17, 2016