Main Condition For Receiving IMF Tranche is Pension Reform


Moody’s raises the credit rating of Ukraine. The decision, which will increase opportunities for attracting loans using Eurobonds.

However, the main creditor of Ukraine, the IMF, will provide financing after reforming the pension sector, CASE Ukraine`s Executive Director Dmytro Boyarchuk in a comment to ‘Liga.Finansy’ outlet said.

The IMF has a more serious impact on the cost of borrowing for Ukraine on international markets – its attitude to the Ukrainian economy. The main condition for a new tranche this year is the parliament`s adopting a law on pension reform, CASE Ukraine`s Executive Director Dmytro Boyarchuk said.

In addition, the expert says: ‘Metal prices are really good now, but the situation on this market is still not guaranteed. Prices are rising now due to China’s incentives. What will happen next, no one knows’.

September 20, 2017