Public Works for the Social Assistance Purposes


The goal of the proposals developed under this direction of the Social Assistance Reform Project is to promote social assistance beneficiaries to return to the labor market, to increase targeting of social assistance and to reduce abuse from the social assistance applicants engaged in the informal sector and not declaring their income. In order to achieve the goal, it was suggested that unemployed able-to-work social assistance claimants be granted social assistance upon their participation in public (social) works. Similar mechanisms are quite widely used in different countries.

A number of options for bringing these people to participate in public works were considered and the potential consequences of their implementation were analysed.

According to the survey of social assistance beneficiaries conducted under the project in seven rayons of Ukraine, the majority of respondents have positive attitude towards public works. If participation in public works were a condition for granting benefits to low-income families with unemployed able-to-work members, 62% of respondents would agree to participate in them. This is a very good result.

The main results of this pilot project are presented in the following reports:

1. The Concept of Granting Social Assistance upon Participation in Public (Social) Works.

2. Best Practices of Interaction between Welfare and Labour Offices.

3. Social Assistance in the US.

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March 11, 2009