Roundtable: Two years of changes: were there any reforms?


The ambitious task of economy modernization (in that manner the reformation target was presented at the President Program) effectively failed.  Some improvements, which have been observed, are predominantly technical and cannot change the general tendency towards further consolidation of «limited access order» what is in the opposite to modernization.  In general, out of 15 systemic reforms outlined by the President Program only 5 or 6 indeed experienced some real progress.  Noteworthy, the most noticeable progress was achieved on directions which correlate with interests of large business groups. Apparently, such reforms to large extent have been designed mainly for the benefits of the lobbying groups.  These issues have been discussed during the roundtable «Two years of changes: were there any reforms?» on October 17 at the press-center of the Ukrainian news agency.  

«The main lesson that should be drawn from the first two years of the President Program implementation – is the impossibility of large-scale positive changes under vertically integrated power.  Such badly needed reforms as decentralization, strengthening of competition, accountability and transparency improvement could not co-exist with political monopoly and vertically integrated administration.  Under such order, which is wittily named «limited access order», only technical improvements could happen like healthcare reform or pension age increase.  However, such improvements by no means can convert the country of «limited opportunities» into a new «economic tiger» or even into a country with decent standards of living» said Vladimir Dubrovskiy, CASE Ukraine expert, during the roundtable.

The roundtable «Two years of changes: were there any reforms?» was organized within the project titled «Popular Economy: Reform Monitoring» that CASE Ukraine has been implementing under financial support of Open Society Institute.  The main goal of the project is to bring professional discussion about country development beyond the audience of trained experts and build the dialogue with general public.

Roundtable handouts:

1)   Comics-presentation: «Reforms» at halfway» (ukr);

2)   Quarterly report: «Reforms» at halfway: consolidation of «old» order instead of modernization» (ukr);

October 21, 2012