Roundtable: Reforms corrector: left, right or step back?


A year and a half have already passed since the start of Viktor Yanukovich reform.  The ambitious transformation plan has showed noticeable progress on many directions.  However, so far none, including the authorities’ representatives, can call the reformation efforts successful.  Properly outlined priorities and action plan stumbled on financial and political interests of various influential groups, what, naturally, stipulated for a large-scale ‘correction’ of the reform plan. 

«As we expected, at the National action-plan 2012 the authorities minimized, diluted or postponed for some distant future the most important fundamental reforms, aimed at strengthening of competitive environment and property rights. Among diluted reforms appeared to be the issue of business inspections, housing reform and the problem of agro-land market», — said Vladimir Dubrovskiy, CASE Ukraine expert, during the roundtable.

The roundtable «Reforms corrector: left, right or step back?» was organized within the project titled «Popular Economy: Reform Monitoring» that CASE Ukraine has been implementing under financial support of Open Society Institute.  The main goal of the project is to bring professional discussion about country development beyond the audience of trained experts and build the dialogue with general public.

 Roundtable handouts:

1)      Comics-presentation: Reforms corrector: left, right or step back? (ukr);

2)      Brief: Reforms corrector: left, right or step back? (ukr);

        3)      Quarterly report: Reforms corrector: left, right or step back? (ukr);

April 28, 2012