Roundtable: Business environment: improving or not?


Business environment in Ukraine is very poor and tends to worsen further on. Improved business climate might change the country into new story of success. However, the reformators keep ignoring the fact that nominal upgrades without reforming the core of the “limited access order” only aggravate the situation. To make things worse, the bureaucracy once again was delegated to reform itself. As a result, the essence of reforms has been once again diluted.

«People that never run own business often do not understand why favorable business environment is important for them personally.  They say if entrepreneurs need better business climate they have to fight for themselves.  Even worse, you can meet many people that sincerely believe entrepreneurs are doing nothing and just parasitizing in society.

In reality consumers and employees should be the most interested in favorable business environment.  The point is that in countries where entrepreneurs can easily launch and run their businesses they start competing for consumer and for employees. Apparently that puts common people in stronger position vs. businessmen and allows dictating employment conditions and prices at the market.» said Vladimir Dubrovskiy, CASE Ukraine expert, during the roundtable.

The roundtable « Business environment: improving or not?» was organized within the project titled «Popular Economy: Reform Monitoring» that CASE Ukraine has been implementing under financial support of Open Society Institute.  The main goal of the project is to bring professional discussion about country development beyond the audience of trained experts and build the dialogue with general public.

Roundtable handouts:

1)      Comics-presentation: Business environment: improving or not? (ukr);

2)      Brief: Business environment: improving or not? (ukr);

3)      Monthly report: Business environment: improving or not? (ukr);

May 29, 2012