There Are No More Light Requirements Of the IMF


CASE Ukraine`s CEO Dmytro Boyarchuk claimed to the media outlet, that there are no more light requirements of the IMF.

‘Let us look at the September version of the Memorandum. The first two points of it suppose, in fact, increasing targeting of social assistance and subsidies as well as, after all, bringing into service the land market. Actually, each of the items is the issue, not smaller than raising tariffs for gas and heat’, he said.

Boyarchuk explained, Ukraine tries to improve the system of targeted assistance for 20 years, but the question is not progressing. ‘I do say nothing of the land market: as soon as the memorandum appears, the moratorium was prolonged’, he said.

Other IMF requirements, such as pension reform and reform of the simplified tax system, also require very serious decisions. It is fraught with slumping ratings for the government.

Speaking of which of these reforms the government is able to implement, Boyarchuk suggests that to run the market sale of agricultural land is the easiest way.

‘The most realistic is the implementation of the land market, I think. From a viewpoint of infrastructure, everything is ready. The last question is how to be prepared politically’, he said.

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February 16, 2017