Inter-budget relations: looking for golden mean


Inter-budget relations are a kind of technical problem which is of poor interest for general public.  However, the point is that all major problems, related to the life quality of common people (healthcare, education, social protection etc.), closely correlates with the quality of so inconspicuous inter-budget relations issue.

In general, public opinion treats poor funding as the main reason for bad public services quality.  However, this point of view is too much simplified.  Almost all countries face budget limits problems (even the richest one). However, what really improves public service quality under budget limits is an adequate system of incentives and efficient surveillance over the public funds use.  In this context improvement of inter-budget relations mechanisms are crucial for Ukraine.

For more details about inter-budget reforms, please, see the report «Inter-budget relations: looking for golden mean» (ukr).

September 5, 2012