Economic development of transition

Fifth International CASE Conference



CASE and CASE Ukraine successfully co-hosted the International WINDS of CHANGE Conference on March 23rd and 24th in Kyiv, Ukraine. Two hundred outstanding researchers, policymakers and representatives of international organizations and financial institutions representing over 30 countries attended the conference.

Below we offer Conference Papers, presented during the event.

Keynote address

Martin Wolf, Challenges and Risks of Globalisation (PowerPoint Presentation)


Session 1. The Asian Challenge to Europe: Growth Performance and Changing Trade Patterns

·          Anders Aslund, How Can the EU Emulate the Positive Features of the East Asian Model? (see also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Susan Schadler, Growth in the Central and Eastern European Countries of the European Union (see also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Wing Thye Woo, The Asian Challenge to Europe? No, the best is yet to be. [see also: PowerPoint Presentation]


Session 2. Global Imbalances: Sources, Sustainability, and Policy Responses

·          Jűrgen von Hagen, Brigit Schmitz, Alan Ahearne, Current Account Imbalances in the Euro Area (see also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Marek Dabrowski, Rethinking balance-of-payments constraints in a globalized world

·          Daniel Gros, PowerPoint presentation and background papers:
A World Out of Balance? Special report of the CEPS Macroeconomic Policy Group
2. Foreign Investment in the US (I): Dissapearing in a black hole?

      3. Foreign Investment in the US (II): Being taken to the cleaners?

·          Gian Maria Milesi-Feretti, PowerPoint presenation and background papers:

1. Europe and Imbalances

2. A Global Perspective on External Positions

3. Appendix 1.2 in the September 2005 WE

4. A follow-up BOX in the Spring 2006 WEO

·          Ray Barell, PowerPoint presentation entitled Global Imbalances. Some Comments  and background paper on: Correcting US Imbalances


Session 3. Migration Flows: Between Economic Needs and Social Fears

·          Sebastien Jean, Migration in OECD Countries: Labour Market Impact and Integration Issues (see also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Jakob von Weizacker, A Simulation of the Distributional Effects of International Migration [See also: PowerPoint Presentation]


Session 4 sponsored by the GMF. Is Aid Needed in a World of Free Trade?

·          Paolo Garonna & Abdur Chowdhury, Effective Foreign Aid, Economic Integration and Subsidiarity: Lessons from Europe (See also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Refik Erzan, Multilateral and Regional Approaches to "Aid for Trade"

·          Siow Yue Chia, Comments to papers by Erzan and Garonna&Chowdhury

·          Stephen P. Groff, Millenium Challenge Corporation Background and Overview

·          Keun Lee, What is Needed: Aid or Access?


Session 5. Governance and Economic Development

·          Paul G. Hare, The Political Economy of Growth and Governance (See also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Leszek Balcerowicz, Institutions and Convergence

·          Jacek Rostowski, The Wig and the Pith Helmet – the Impact of "Legal School" versus Colonial Institutions on Economic Performance (see also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Jan Svejnar, Simon Commander, Do Institutions, Ownership, Exporting and Competition Explain Firm Performance? Evidence from 26 Transition Countries. (see also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Leonid Polishchuk, Institutions for Growth: Flexible but Stable


Session 6. The European Union and its Near Abroad

·          Michael Emerson, Gergana Noutcheva and Nicu Popescu, European Neighbourhood Policy after two years:  Time indeed for an ‘ENP Plus (see also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Lucio Vinhas de Souza, Presentation entitled: The EU’s Neigbourhood

·          Milica Uvalic, PowerPoint Presentation: EU and Southeast Europe


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March 11, 2007