Natalya Leschenko: State Support Takes Break


The Minister of economic development and trade Pavlo Sheremeta claimed that during the next six months the state would not invest to some sectors of national industry. The Center Case Ukraine’s expert Natalya Leschenko commented the issue for Capital newspaper: “In Ukrainian conditions the reduction of state support programs can be evaluated as positive. Besides this, state support in the budget-2014 was cut, but not liquidated.

In Ukraine even minimum guarantees of efficiency of state support and limitations of its negative influence on the competition are absent. Frame draft law on the state support cannot pass the parliament during more than ten years. Yet the government owns excessive responsibilities for determining the procedure and the volume of state support of recipients without any known criteria. As a result the same enterprise can get unlimited support for the unlimited period of time, and 99% of benefit will settle only in the pockets of officials and enterprises’ owners”.

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May 26, 2014