€ 600 Million From the EU, That We Did Not Receive


CASE Ukraine`s Executive Director Dmytro Boyarchuk explained in a commentary to the ‘From-UA’ media outlet why Ukraine did not receive € 600 million from the EU.

‘This is not a financial assistance, but a loan. A few months ago, European Commission representatives made it clear that the next money would not be before 2018. There is a list of requirements they have quoted. This is the solution to the issue of forest exports, and electronic declarations checks, and the law on NBU`s credit register, and verification of information about the beneficiaries, etc. In addition, they adjust their actions with lenders like the IMF. Since our cooperation with the Fund has once again been postponed for an indefinite period (there is a question of gas there), I think that it affects very much the decision of Europeans’, the expert explains.

December 13, 2017