New issue of quarterly publication “Ukraine Economic Outlook: Tendencies, Estimates, Forecasts” was prepared. Outlook #2’2003 contains an analysis of developments in industrial, monetary, fiscal, and trade spheres in the first quarter of 2003 and a forecast of basic macroeconomic indicators for 2003 and 2004.

CASE Ukraine and Ministry of Economy and European Integration conducted a round table “The sources of Economic Growth in Ukraine in 1999-2002 and the prospects for 2003-2004″. Marek Dabrowski from CASE Foundation presented the findings of the study “The sources of economic growth in Ukraine after 1998 currency crisis and the country’s prospects” (the study was conducted for the World Bank).

CASE Ukraine and National Bank of Ukraine conducted a round table “Foreign Bank Entry: World Experience and Policy Agenda for Ukraine”.

World Economic Forum (WEF) released “Global Competitiveness Report 2002-2003″. The report contains information on the survey of competitiveness level in 50-60 countries of the world. In this project CASE Ukraine is contracted by WEF to collect data to help measuring the level of competitiveness in Ukraine.

Joint team of the researchers from CASE and CASE Ukraine discussed outcomes of the report “The Sources of Economic Growth in Ukraine after 1998 Currency Crisis and the Country’s Prospects” with the World Bank experts from Washington, Kiev and Warsaw. Among discussed topics were primarily the issues related to the microeconomic sphere, fiscal, trade and agricultural policies.

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