Political economy and institutional issues

Assessment of Impact of Government Decisions on Economic Agents and Markets: Analytical Approach and Methodology


The project aims elaboration of assessment mechanisms for measuring risks, which threaten stable development of the economy. The mechanisms should become a part of decision making process at the government for preventing of “unexpected failures”. The instrument also could be useful for monitoring of the government decisions efficiency.

During the implementation of the project CASE Ukraine experts analyzed the efficiency of current monitoring and assessment instruments. Also the experts considered international experience of alternative indicators exploitation for diagnosis of current economic situation.


In the study CASE Ukraine experts elaborated approaches for collecting, systematization and analysis of available statistical information and survey results. The developed system will allow analyze impact institutional changes and economic policy on economic agents and economy of Ukraine.


The report structure is the following. At the first part, it is suggested overview of approach applied to systematization of data and analysis. Later it is provided overview of statistics and other data, which is collected by government, international organizations and non-government analytical centers. Next part describes main problems of modern statistics and discusses lacking data for estimation of reforms dynamics. We explain the goal and fundamentals of analytical monitoring, which is proposed as complementary part of already available statistical data and surveys. Finally, it is provided generalized and detailed concept of the developed methodology.

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May 11, 2007