Volodymyr Dubrovsky`s Answer to the ‘Industrial Parks of Ukraine’ Editorial


This review is a response of Volodymyr Dubrovsky, CASE Ukraine`s Senior Economist, to the article ‘Industrial Parks of Ukraine: the Old Rake For a Fresh Mind?’, written by the editorial board of VoxUkraine.

When going on discussions on the theme of the editorial article ‘Industrial Parks of Ukraine: the Old Rake For a Fresh Mind?’, I would like to add a few arguments.

The first and main issue in relation to the discussed issue is whether Ukraine should generally focus on the development of the manufacturing industry, and even on the more artificially accelerated one? Does such a model fit our national peculiarities? Can it provide a breakthrough to a long-term, rapid but sustainable growth of the economy? The negative answer, given in the article, can be enhanced by several additional arguments.

The article presents a valid argument that the phrases ‘developed’ and ‘industrially developed’ were synonymous a hundred years ago. But the trend has changed. When developing this argument, to catch up with these countries in terms of life level we need to be oriented not to the point where they have been yesterday, and even not to the point where they are today. We have to be prepared to be in the place where they are likely to be tomorrow. Figuratively speaking, in the famous paradox Achilles will never overtake the tortoise, if he every time strives to the point where the tortoise is now.

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January 3, 2017