Privileges For Euromaidan Participants And the Ukrainian Economy


The Verkhovna Rada equated the persons wounded during the Euromaidan protests to the war veterans.

In a comment to ‘’, CASE Ukraine`s executive director Dmytro Boyarchuk claims there are thin on the ground. Correspondingly, granting them privileges cannot somehow affect the Ukrainian economy.

The expert noted that this is a right step and the state should take care of the wounded. However, there is a problem in the fact that now there is no complete information base for all privileged persons. There is no control over the appearance of false combatants. If this base does not appear, then the number of combatants who have never been in the war will only increase every year. This can be a problem.

There may be not enough money for benefits monetization, Dmytro Boyarchuk says. Nobody will go to full monetization. In addition, if we talk about partial monetization, then, at first, it is necessary to put on the strict control on the process of its getting.


November 19, 2017