Start of the Liquid Bio-fuels Project


CASE Ukraine participates in research of resource potential and production capacity of liquid bio-fuels. The goal of the project is analysis of production effectiveness of liquid bio-fuels in Ukraine as well as promotion of agricultural sector producing components for bio-fuels.

Analysis will be held in order to promote energy-saving technologies through obtaining renewable energy from bio-fuels instead of traditionally used ecologically-unfriendly oil, LPG, heating oil.  Research team will prepare the recommendations for maximization of production of bio-fuels components in existing circumstances in Ukraine today.

Recommendations for businesses involved in bio-fuels sector will be provided. Special attention will be delivered to the policy of regional development in Ukraine, i.e. usage of the territories and lands damaged after the Chernobyl tragedy as well as development of poorer regions by investing in bio-fuels sector. We believe the project will bring useful information for Ukrainian government and businesses and at some extent will promote bio-fuels production in Ukraine. Another potential target group of the project are Polish policy makers and businesses directly engaged in bio-fuels production and trade.

The project is implemented with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland. After the first stage of analysis a roundtable meeting will be organised in September 2007. Final results of the project will be presented at the Conference on the last week of November.


Requests for information and participation in project events should be addressed to Viachaslau Herasimovich. Tel: (+38 044) 227-53-17, e-mail:

August 5, 2007