Tax Police Is Outside the Law. Businessmen breathe easily


CASE Ukraine`s Senior Economist Volodymyr Dubrovsky commented to Gazeta. ua outlet on why the abolition of the tax police is a good decision.

The tax police has to stop operating, Senior Economist at the ‘CASE Ukraine’ Center for Social and Economic Research Volodymyr Dubrovsky says. ‘Everything what it does  may be appealed. Respectively, it is invalid. Someone fears that there will be a mess if the tax police will not do its job. But there is a counter question: how many real abuses has the tax police stoped? I do not think that something terrible will happen if those few cases will not be brought to the end’.When the tax police will not operate, entrepreneurs will breathe again, the expert says. According to him, the tax police takes one of the leading places among those who violate property rights in Ukraine.

‘They intimidate foreign investors and domestic businessmen. The Head of the Office can give an order, and the tax police will ‘break’ any business’, says Dubrovsky. He hopes the authority not only will be renamed, but also restarted. ‘It will be a breakthrough. The advantage of the financial police is that it will be devoided of law enforcement functions. It will only deal with analytics. Punitive functions will be fulfilled by already existing law enforcement agencies. It will be more difficult to organize pre-programmed shakedowns’, the economist says.

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January 14, 2017