Presentation “SMEs financing in Ukraine: bank lending and state policy”


Given the prominent role of SMEs in economic development, state policy is needed to increase SMEs access to financing. In 2012 eight out of 27 regions did not provide any financial support. The largest amounts of financial support between UAH 1 mln and UAH 2 mln were granted in Kyiv, Odesa region, Lugansk region and Ivano-Frankivk region to only 10-13 small enterprises. The small number of supported enterprises along with small amount of support makeі this instrument negligible in raising SMEs access to financing. Under the current budget constrains the regional policy should primarily focus not on direct financial support, but, instead, on more efficient instruments, especially efficient business environment deregulation for local SMEs.

For more information on SMEs crediting problems, please, see presentation «SMEs financing in Ukraine: bank lending and state policy» (ukr).

July 31, 2013