Remove the Shameful Car Excise!


CASE Ukraine`s Senior Economist Volodymyr Dubrovsky writes in an article for the ‘Novoye Vremia’ media outlet that, the more there will be ‘Lithuanian plates’ in Ukraine and the more its actual owners will actively protest, the sooner the authorities will have to solve the problem wisely.

The start of the active prosecution of ‘Lithuanian plates’ has once again shown that the government is spitting at the middle class. Instead of allowing the import any cars (any age, in any condition – this is already the case of the owner, what he or she gives his/her money for) with VAT payments. The authorities upped the ante.

According to the expert, one must fight for:

  1. a) removing the shameful car excise, which is a Soviet remedy;
  2. b) taking away all restrictions for import and tax clearance of any cars.

After that, the state has to close the schemes of temporary import. There will be a few of those wishing to drive a car without any right. The bulk will happily legalize their property for 20% of its price, and they will do so in the future. In addition, it will replenish the budget.

Therefore, it is time to recognize the realities and return to the normal common sense. It means to give our people the opportunity to spend honestly earned money at their own discretion. They deserve it. Either a serious investor will buy AvtoZAZ, or the plant will finally operate effectively, or we will open a museum of protectionism inviting tourists from all over the world.

August 7, 2017