The Problem of Multi-Family Households in the Context of the Social Assistance Targeting Improvement in Ukraine (UKR)


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In Ukraine, means-tested social assistance is granted predominantly to a family that in the most general case consists of parents and their under-age children. While determining social assistance eligibility, the total family income is taken into account. However, this income may not correctly reflect the well-being of the family, as in the Ukrainian society, multi-family households, i.e. households where several families live together, have some goods in common use and partly or completely share the cost of living, are widespread. Given this, the families with low income but living with better-off relatives can receive benefits, which may result in decreasing social assistance targeting. The report considers several approaches to solving the “family-household problem” and presents the analysis of relevant international experience.

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  • Irina Orlova
December 31, 2010