Current analysis

Harvard/CASE Ukraine Project

"Harvard University Ukraine Project" was funded by the United States Agency for International Development during 1996-2001. The principal stages: Ukraine Macroeconomic Policy Project (1996-2000) and Ukraine Ukraine Macroeconomic Policy Program (2000-2001).

Among the main objectives of the Project were:

  • dessimianting knowledge on the economy of Ukraine of other and that post-soviet transition countries;
  • contributing to capacity building for market reforms and economic growth in Ukraine;
  • responding to current policy meds by means of conducting analytical monitoring and economic forecasting;
  • helping to link Ukraine's policy-making community to Western economists and economics.

Project Materials
  • Distributed Materials (HIID Mail Bundles 1998-2000)
    This type of information cosisted of analytical work-outs that was distributed through the network of mail subscribers, including researchers, politicians, educators and practitioners. The materials are available in English and Ukrainian.
  • Economic Monitor (Reports 1998-2000 & Trends 1998-2000)
    Weekly economic Reports cover recent economic analysis and Trends present weekly forecasts of currency, stock and government securities markets of Ukraine. In archive you will find the issues related to previous time periods. The materials collected in this section are available in English.
  • Ukrainian Bank Monitor (2000)
    Ukrainian Banks Monitor is a two-page update on the situation in the banking sector of Ukraine. The report was issued on a monthly basis and contained information on financial statements of selected banks of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Biweekly Economic Policy Seminars (1999-2000)
    In this section seminal materials (thesises and hand-outs) for HIID. Biweekly Economic Policy Seminars are assembled.
  • Quarterly Indicators (1996-1999)
    This section provides you with quarterly Ukrainian economic indicators. Among these indicators are: GDP, foreign trade, balance of payments, budget, prices, wages, public debt, interest rate, exchange rate, inter-enterprise arrears, monetary indicators, foreign exchange reserves, etc.
Тематичні напрямки
  • Current analysis
  • Economic development of transition
  • Financial markets and institutions
  • Macroeconomic modeling and forecasting
  • Monetary and exchange rate policies
  • Projects
  • Enterprise restructuring
  • Small and medium enterprises development
  • Fiscal policy


January 11, 1999