Sector reports are designed to give a reader an overview of the sectors covered. They are perfect reports narrowing down the bigger picture to present sector overview, analysis of the business environment of the sector, its structure, competitiveness, likely future direction as well as the impact that could have and the opportunities that will arise.


CASE Ukraine participates in research of resource potential and production capacity of liquid bio-fuels. The goal of the project is analysis of production effectiveness of liquid bio-fuels in Ukraine as well as promotion of agricultural sector producing components for bio-fuels.


The project’s main activity was the preparation of the reports representing overview of Ukrainian heating sector and electricity and gas markets. In addition to general description of the situation and existing issues in energy sector the reports offer detailed picture of the ownership structure and tariffs policies.


During 2005-2006 CASE Ukraine provided analytical support to the Blue Ribbon Analytical and Advisory Centre founded by United Nations Development Programme.


The project is a part of the UNDP “Crimea integration and development programme”. The aim of the project is to develop public policy recommendations for further private sector development in Crimea specifically in the SME sector by macro regions and ARC level through elimination of existing obstacles.


The project analyzes macroeconomic conditions in the country, demographics and household income, and overview the financial markets in the country. The project is divided into three parts: macroeconomic analysis, demographics and wealth distribution, and financial markets.


Global Competitiveness Report is the most comprehensive and authoritative assessment of the comparative strengths and weaknesses of national economies, used by governments, academics and business leaders. Currently the study covers 125 countries. CASE Ukraine is official partner institution of WEF in Ukraine.

“Harvard University Ukraine Project” was funded by the United States Agency for International Development during 1996-2001. The principal stages: Ukraine Macroeconomic Policy Project (1996-2000) and Ukraine Ukraine Macroeconomic Policy Program (2000-2001).

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