During 2005-2006 CASE Ukraine provided analytical support to the Blue Ribbon Analytical and Advisory Centre founded by United Nations Development Programme.


With this project CASE Ukraine continues cooperation with the State Property Fund on analysis of the consequences of privatization in Ukraine. The aim of the project is to the social and economic activity of the privatized firms and companies remained in state ownership.


The project is a part of the UNDP “Crimea integration and development programme”. The aim of the project is to develop public policy recommendations for further private sector development in Crimea specifically in the SME sector by macro regions and ARC level through elimination of existing obstacles.


The major purpose of this project is to define and describe the necessary conditions that can support further economic growth of Ukraine while not compromising inflation and macroeconomic stability.


The project analyzes macroeconomic conditions in the country, demographics and household income, and overview the financial markets in the country. The project is divided into three parts: macroeconomic analysis, demographics and wealth distribution, and financial markets.


CASE network (CASE Foundation in Poland, CASE Moldova, IPM-CASE Research Center in Belarus, CASE Ukraine and CASE Kyrgyzstan) is responsible for writing of the third part of the Regional Human Development report (RHDR) for CIS region. This report is devoted to the human development in the CIS countries.

In August 2001 joint project between the National Bank of Ukraine and CASE Ukraine “National Bank of Ukraine’s Role and Activities in the Context of Transition-Related Problems” was launched. Canadian International Development Agency funded this initiative within the framework of Policy Advice for Reform in Ukraine program that is managed by Canadian Bureau for International Education.

The project “Effects of Privatization on Behavior and Performance of Ukrainian Enterprises in 2000-2001″ granted by the State Property Fund of Ukraine was launched in May 2001.

Freedom House PRU program project “Capital Investment and Economic Behavior of Ukrainian Enterprises” started in May and was accomplished in December 2001.

In March 2001, under the grant agreement with Freedom House Partnership for Reform in Ukraine program CASE Ukraine launched the project “Comparative Analysis of the Bankruptcy Systems in Poland and Ukraine”. Project was accomplished in October 2001.

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