Project “Business Tendency Survey of Service Sector in Ukraine” is a quarterly survey of enterprises working in service sector, in particular the telecommunication industry, PR, software development, and banking. Details about the history and methodology of the project you can find at the ‘About the project’ page. Complete report about the results of last round of the survey you can find at the ‘Current issue’ page.


Global Competitiveness Report is the most comprehensive and authoritative assessment of the comparative strengths and weaknesses of national economies, used by governments, academics and business leaders. Currently the study covers 125 countries. CASE Ukraine is official partner institution of WEF in Ukraine.

“Harvard University Ukraine Project” was funded by the United States Agency for International Development during 1996-2001. The principal stages: Ukraine Macroeconomic Policy Project (1996-2000) and Ukraine Ukraine Macroeconomic Policy Program (2000-2001).

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