“Economy of Ukraine”
Ukrainian Economic Outlook: tendencies, estimates, forecasts” – is a quarterly review of Ukrainian economy which has been published since the beginning of the year 2000.

Starting from the end of 2007 it has been available in English. It offers overview of current macroeconomic tendencies in Ukraine, gives forecasts for GDP, value added, inflation, exchange rates, and other economic indicators.

Independent analysis of the current situation and possible ways of economy development offered in this publication might be appealing for government representatives, big companies’ management, politicians, investors, and those interested in macroeconomic tendencies.

For subscription, please, contact Dmytro Boyarchuk (boyarchuk@case-ukraine.kiev.ua) or Global Source (www.globalsourcepartners.com).

Summary of publications is available for download (in English).

Current Issue:


1Q 2014