Reforms Without Politicians: From Limited Opportunities of the Modern Feudalism to the System of Wide Alternatives


On February 3, in the press-center of the Ukrainian news agency CASE Ukraine and journal the «Expert» jointly hold the roundtable “Reforms without politicians: from limited opportunities of the modern feudalism to the system of wide alternatives”. On the roundtable the experts of CASE Ukraine presented to the wider audience the project aimed at delivery of independent, unbiased and qualified information on the current economic reforms. The initiative titled “Popular Economy: Reform Monitoring” is being realized by CASE Ukraine and journal the «Expert» under financial support of Open Society Institute.

The reforms are critically needed, almost like in 90s. But to make deep structural reforms for the officials is to saw off the branch they are sitting on. Simultaneously, the ambiguous approaches like “to make cow eat less and give more milk, it should be fed less and milked more” won’t work. Even for the implementation of such belt-tightening approaches the current officials lack trust and political legitimacy. That is why our immediate hypothesis is that mostly technical reforms will be implemented, which do not change the fundamentals of the system. It would be not bad, if not the backslide to the system of limited access order with less political and economic freedom.” – said Vladimir Dubrovskyi, the expert of CASE Ukraine

The overarching aim of the project is to bring the qualified discussion on the Ukrainian development outside the narrow circle of experts and build an interactive discussion on the topic with civil society.

Journal the “Expert” decided to support the project of CASE Ukraine, because we as a business journal see that wide audience interprets reforms very incorrectly. As a rule people see reforms as simple redistribution of wealth from rich businessmen and politicians to poor and vulnerable groups. They do not question what are the aims of the reforms? How I assess the efficiency of the reforms and reformers? Why did the reform previously fail? I hope this project will give people the information for thinking.

Some time ago, our journal launched a project “What political party do we need?” that analyzed what steps were done by the reformers and what were really needed. That was a manifest. I hope this project will be a useful monitoring for the thinking people what is going on in the country and they will be able to answer “who are we?” and “what path we go?” – said Andriy Blinov, the Chief Editor of the journal the “Expert”.

Audio and video recordings of the roundtable are available in Ukrainian at this link.

Roundtable handouts:

1)      Project presentation (ukr);

2)     Introductory report (ukr);

3)     Introductory report (summary) (ukr);

4)     Reform program implementation progress (ukr);

5)     Reform program implementation progress (summary) (ukr);

February 7, 2012