Economic development of transition

Economic chapter of Regional human development report


About the project

CASE network (CASE Foundation in Poland, CASE Moldova, IPM-CASE Research Center in Belarus, CASE Ukraine and CASE Kyrgyzstan) is responsible for writing of the third part of the Regional Human Development report (RHDR) for CIS region. This report is devoted to the human development in the CIS countries.

CASE Ukraine as a member of the network is responsible for the writing of the three sections in chapter 3:

3.2 Financial reform in CIS countries. This section covers the impact of the reforms of banking sector and other financial institutions as well as capital market development on the human and economic development in the CIS countries.

3.4 Business climate SME and FDI. The main focus of this section will be on discussing the deep systemic causes of the poor business and investment climate in the CIS.

3.7 Labor Markets. The main focus of this section will be put on presenting the specific characteristics of labor market developments during CIS transition, analyzing its macroeconomic, structural and institution roots and assessing their economic and social consequences.

The project in funded by UNDP regional office.

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June 11, 2004