Recommendations on Social Assistance Granting Policies (UKR)


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The document contains recommendations for the social assistance policy, which were formed during the implementation of the Social Assistance Reform Project performed during 2008-2010. The document includes proposals for introducing the indirect means-testing for determining the claimant’s eligibility for the means-tested social benefits and reforming the mechanisms of providing housing subsidies and privileges, transportation and communication privileges. The large part of the document concentrates on the recommendations for improving work of social inspectors and developing an effective anti-fraud system, and proposes new procedures for applications processing, benefits granting and supervision of beneficiaries. The document also contains suggestions for granting social assistance to unemployed able-to-work persons conditional on their participation in public (social) works.

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  • Janusz Szyrmer
  • Irina Orlova
  • N. Rogozynska
December 20, 2010