Work of Social Inspector: Current Status and Perspectives of the Institution


This direction of the Social Assistance Reform project focused on enhancing the effectiveness of social inspector work, studying the ways of combating fraud and developing mechanisms of separating the trustworthy applicants from suspicious ones.

The theoretical works of the pilot project included recommendations for increasing institutional capacity of social inspectors, proposals for improving procedures of applying for benefits, applications processing and supervising the applicants, and the recommendations for developing a system of combating fraud. Developed under the project Guidelines on the Work of State Social Inspectors can serve as a manual for social inspectors.

The practical part of the pilot project included testing in pilot offices the indirect (hybrid) means-testing (HMT) method and scoring method of assessing applicants’ living conditions. HMT may be used primarily to identify applicants with significant amount of imputed informal income, who should be inspected for there is a great probability uncovering violations in such cases.

The scoring method of assessing applicants’ living conditions was developed in order to set unified criteria for conducting home inspections and presenting their results. Currently, the procedure is not formalized, and social inspectors largely rely on their subjective judgments about applicants’ living conditions. The scoring method is presented in the Supplement to the Home Inspection Act developed under the Project.

The main results of this pilot project are presented in the following reports:

1. Summary Report on Strengthening the Institutional Capacity and Legal Framework of the Institute of Public Social Inspectors.

2. Guidelines on the Work of State Social Inspectors.

3. Supplement to Home Inspection Act.

4. Commissions in the Social Assistance System of Ukraine.

5. Comparative Analysis of SA in Mykolayiv and Chernigivska Oblasts Based on Which Proposals for Improvements Were Formulated for Ukraine.


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March 11, 2009