Development of the Early Warning Indicators of Macroeconomic Crises for Ukraine


The project aimed at developing the early warning system for Ukrainian economy, and enhancing the government’s capacity to monitor and analyze the current economic trends, structural changes in the economy, and better assess macroeconomic risks in order to prevent and/or alleviate macroeconomic distortions and crises leading to recessions and potentially serious political and social instabilities.

CASE (Warsaw) and CASE Ukraine co-organized a seminar “Development of the Leading Indicators for Economic Growth in Ukraine” to present the results of the research conducted for the project "Development of the Early Warning System of Macroeconomic Crises for Ukraine"

Presentations made at the event can be downloaded below:

Leading Indicators for Economic Growth Cycles in Ukraine (Rus)

Approaches for Development of an Analytical Monitoring and Risk Assessment for Economic Crises in Ukraine (Rus)

The final delivery of the project was a report "Composite Leading Indicators for Ukraine: An Early Warning Model"

The project was implemented with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

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March 11, 2008