Employer One`s Self: How to Ginger Up Ukrainian Economy


Case Ukraine`s senior economist Volodymyr Dubrovsky explains in an article for the Liga.Financy media outlet why individual entrepreneurship is a promising business form for Ukraine.

According to the expert, it well meets national characteristics, market situation and the nature of business relations with the state:

‘… Not every business has a scale effect, which holds the whole concept of mass-market production. In many types of smart services, for example, in design, a flexible approach to the client is more important, and he or she buys services on an individual basis. The same is applied to the individualized, flexible, post-industrial production, in which each product again, as in the Middle Ages, is custom-made, but now with the help of 3D printers or, for example, robotic sewing machines’.

January 24, 2018