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Sector reports are designed to give a reader an overview of the sectors covered. They are perfect reports narrowing down the bigger picture to present sector overview, analysis of the business environment of the sector, its structure, competitiveness, likely future direction as well as the impact that could have and the opportunities that will arise.

With all the facts required for crucial decision-making we will meet  international business needs with information, contacts and services – saving valuable research time.

Oil Refinery Sector Review (pdf, 261.79Kb)

Real Estate Review (pdf, 78.67Kb)

Ukrainian Coal Mining Sector Review (pdf, 187.80Kb)

Ukrainian Heating Sector Overview (pdf, 230.40Kb)

August’s issue of Ukraine real estate review (pdf, 89.00Kb)

July’s issue of Ukraine real estate review (pdf, 127.45Kb)

Overview of Electricity Market in Ukraine (Update) (pdf, 348.96Kb)

Ukrainian Gas Sector Review (pdf, 348.96Kb)

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March 11, 2008