Seminar “Scenarios of Social Privileges and Benefits Monetization”


CASE (Warsaw) and CASE Ukraine co-organized a seminar “Scenarios of Social Privileges and Benefits Monetization” for presenting the results of the research conducted for the project «Preparation of the strategy for social benefits monetization in Ukraine»
The project aims at developing a theoretical background of social benefits monetization reform in Ukraine. The major goal of the research is an assessment of the results of such a reform. A group of experts developed several scenarios which incorporate income test application and price subsidies elimination. Using simulation methods our researchers estimated potential results of these scenarios implementation. The results will be presented at the seminar. Russian monetization reform experience as well as the results of simulations presented during the seminar can be downloaded below:


Privileges monetization – Russian experience   

Privileges in kind: social protection or encouragement system

Communal benefits and privileges reform scenarios

Transport privileges reform scenarios


December 11, 2008