What To Do With Customs?


Ministry of Finance of Ukraine presented ideas for reforming the customs service. CASE Ukraine`s Legal Affairs expert Andriy Savarets Ministry commented for “Den” (“Day”) on the Ministry`s idea to deny the provincial-level link of the Service of the right of a legal entity and transfer a significant part of powers to the level of customs posts.

After weakening regional departments of the central customs one will have to drive five hundred customs posts.

The main problem of the reformed customs will relate to the judiciary. After all, one of the district courts of the capital will have to consider about 10 thousand cases of violation of customs rules. The judges will have to consider 500 cases a day.

It is also worth paying attention to the customs service`s own security service, which must resist customs inspector`s intention to be pulled in illegal activities.

It is correctly stated in the Ministry of Finance`s concept of reforming the customs that this service should be independent. But this, again, may lead to the internal security service`s status as, in fact, the main factor of corruption because it obeys to nobody.

And if you talk to the inspectors at the border, they tell you: I did the customs registration and then have to write an explanation of why I did so. Then I have to go to the Security Service of Ukraine and explain what I have done…

April 24, 2017