The Way of Solving the “Family-Household Problem” while Granting Social Assistance


During the work on the Social Assistance Reform Project, the experts of CASE Ukraine faced difficulties when assessing income of persons applying for benefits that are granted to family, who live in households consisting of several families. While determining eligibility to benefits in this case, only applicant’s family total income is taken into account, though it may not reflect the real well-being of the family if they live with richer relatives, have some goods in common use and share the cost of living, partly or completely. Given the high share of such families among social assistance applicants, the experts of CASE Ukraine suggested several approaches to solving the problem of "family-household in Ukraine and analyzed international experience on the issue. The prepared report can be downloaded at the link below.

The Problem of Multi-Family Households in the Context of the Social Assistance Targeting Improvement in Ukraine  (UKR)

December 30, 2010