A business calculator, which will help entrepreneurs to save on the state`s maintenance, is created

business calculator

On January 26 a presentation of the special business calculator was held. It helps businessmen to understand, how much they pay to keep the state living.

Beyond that, it provides with the most advantageous organizational form and gives the opportunity to compare different options for paying taxes.

‘State and business have fundamentally different views on the same things. A complicated tax system confuses people at the stage of planning, – CASE Ukraine`s CEO Dmytro Boyarchuk explains the relevance of the calculator. – Even within the law the Ministry of Finance and the State Fiscal Service differ one from another on the issue of taxpaying, sometimes significantly different from the entrepreneurs` point of view ‘.

‘The creation of this mechanism is a contribution to the development of the real economy, Oleksandra Seltsova, the author of the idea of the business calculator, says. – We hope to reduce the number of those who just cannot dare to start their own business because of lack of understanding of financial perspectives’.

Currently, no similar tool on the Internet contains such a complete set of functions. It actually can even replace a real accountant at the stage of planning. The calculator is designed with all the tax changes in 2017.

We should recall, that earlier ‘The Price Of the State’ launched ‘Receipt From the State’ (tax calculator for individuals), ‘Pension Calculator’ and ‘State Enterprises` Non-transparency Index’ (online tool for monitoring reports of public enterprises using public funds) projects.

January 27, 2017