The Judiciary and Law Enforcement Systems Are a Key Issue for Investors


Among all the countries of the former Soviet Union, Ukraine showed the most dynamic growth in the Doing Business rating, the Financial Times says. However, the country could have done it even faster. The growth could be boosted by deregulating the land market, protecting business from power structures and completing structural reforms

Economic experts point out that there are still many changes ahead before Kyiv catches up its geographical neighbors. CASE Ukraine`s Executive Director Dmytro Boyarchuk says in his commentary to Radio Liberty about Ukraine’s certain successes and lack of progress in some areas, which are important for investors.

‘The key disadvantages are the judicial system and security forces. When communicating with investors, it is obvious this is a key issue for them. Because opening and boosting the business is one thing, but protecting it from raiders is a completely different question’, the expert argues.


August 17, 2017