Those Who Have to Carry Out Reforms Are Not Interested in It and Manipulate Public Opinion


Senior economist Volodymyr Dubrovsky said in an interview to ‘Radio Freedom’ what Ukraine must do with social inequality and what kind of reforms has to implement.
There are reforms in Ukraine that are unfortunately untalked. They should be implemented in parallel with unpopular ones. For example, one reduces tariffs and they become allegedly market ones, because there is no such thing as market rates. They are currently established by the state because it is a natural monopoly. To make this reform more popular, one would have to make another reform, which is very unpopular in other narrow circles.

That is emancipating Enterprise, tax reform, demonopolization of the economy, judicial reform is primarily because there will be nothing without courts. All these reforms are really popular among the population.

If our leaders want to be voted, they should firstly promote these reforms.

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November 14, 2016