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Ukraine Can Make Corruption Less Harmful


In Ukraine, not only corruption takes a first place, but also an opportunity to speak openly about it.

According to a study published by Ernst&Young in April, 88% of Ukrainian companies’ top managers believe corruption practices are widespread in Ukraine.

This indicator has brought Ukraine to the first place among 41 countries, which the research covers.

CASE Ukraine`s senior economist Volodymyr Dubrovsky acknowledges in his commentary to ’Radio Svoboda’ that corruption is a serious problem in Ukraine. However, he does not consider Ukraine`s positions backsliding in the Ernst&Young rating as a very revealing fact.

‘Whether it is a defect in the methodology itself, or it is caused by people started talking and writing more about corruption. So, corruption became the number one issue in the political struggle. Therefore, those respondents who participated in the survey, recognized the existence of corruption more often and referred to information from the media’, the economist suggests.

Dubrovsky does not advise to hope that Ukraine will be able to completely eliminate corruption. But the country can make it less harmful.

He recalls that in 2015, Croatia, which is a member of the EU and has better business conditions than Ukraine, was ranked first in the E&Y ranking.

August 7, 2017