Ukraine Stands On the Verge Of Another Boom

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CASE Ukraine`s Executive Director Dmytro Boyarchuk commented to ‘Radio Donbass. Realii’ outlet on the positive trends in the growth of Donbass region industry.

According to the expert, before the break of economic relations with an uncontrolled territory, the growth rate throughout Donbas controlled area reached 30-40%. Ukraine, in his opinion, stands on the verge of another boom, if nothing changes.

Dmytro Boyarchuk also noted that the issue of closing mines in an uncontrolled area is no longer relevant. They are already closed. If one longs to open it, the loss-making mines is not possible to recover. As for other production capacities, we are mainly talking about metallurgy – it will be popular.

According to the expert, Donbass is non-profitable for Russia: ‘If you want to maintain livelihoods, then it is real. If you want to create ‘Showcase’ project, where everything flourishes, then it would be expensive provision. Apparently, the project ‘Showcase’ is not possible for Donbass’.

September 10, 2017