It Became Easier For Ukrainians To Invest Abroad


It will be easier for Ukrainians to invest abroad. Until now, it was almost impossible for ordinary citizens to do it legally. CASE Ukraine`s CEO Dmytro Boyarchuk gave in a commentary to Deutsche Welle a positive assessment of the latest deregulation steps of the National Bank of Ukraine.

‘You may invest in any instrument. These may be stocks, bonds, or deposits. For example, shares of McDonald’s, Apple, deposits in a Swiss bank,’ CASE Ukraine`s CEO Dmytro Boyarchuk comments to DW.

The size of the investment is limited to 50 thousand dollars a year. This may be enough to buy a budget apartment, let us say, in Cyprus or in Bulgaria. These countries have long been attracting significant funds from post-Soviet countries to real estate. Now it is easier for Ukrainians to buy housing in these countries.

1) The simplest are foreign bank accounts investments.

2) New rules of the NBU open another possibility of investing in foreign securities. They may be more profitable than bank deposits.

Experts advised choosing a broker or investment advisor with a good reputation for those who have never been engaged in investing.

It is also worth carefully choosing assets for investing abroad, investment analysts of Ukrsotsbank said.

Ukrainians have free money to invest. According to the National Bank of Ukraine, more than UAH 300 billion (in cash) are kept outside the banking system. Simultaneously, citizens have delivered UAH 429 billion to bank accounts. However, far from all these funds are suitable for foreign investment. After all, investments in EU countries are carefully checked for the legality of the source of income and tax payments at home.

July 14, 2017