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Ukraine`s Economy: Slow Recovering and Need for Further Reforms


CASE Ukraine`s Senior Economist, Volodymyr Dubrovsky, commented to Deutsche Welle on Ukraine`s undergoing a crisis and assessed slow pace of economic recovery.
According to the expert, hryvnia`s exchange rate remains stable for more than a year and a half, the budget is being well met and the fiscal crisis is absent. GDP is finally starting to grow. Therefore, formally, as Dubrovsky agrees, we can confidently talk about that fact that we have passed this crisis.

Volodymyr Dubrovsky claims Ukraine urgently needs reforms which accelerate the reform process. Dubrovsky agrees that successful steps of the Ukrainian authorities could greatly accelerate the growth of the Ukrainian economy.

According to Dubrovsky, the most important thing is that despite the end of the economic crisis the Ukrainian government for the first time in the history of counrty`s independence continues – we say albeit – slow reforms. ‘The biggest danger is that the government will start to calm down and engage in populism, – the expert says . – If reforms continue, there is a chance to reach a sustainable growth.’

November 22, 2016