TSIA EU-Ukraine Workshop


On the 9th of July 2007, ECORYS and CASE Ukraine, supported by the EC Delegation to Ukraine, conducted the EU Ukraine Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment workshop. The workshop aimed to inform civil society and key stakeholders in the process about the methodology of the SIA and the goals that are to be reached.

The workshop was organized to ensure a better understanding of the whole Trade SIA methodology and the role of stakeholder consultation in it. Secondly, ECORYS and CASE Ukraine discussed the results obtained so far with Ukrainian stakeholders and gathered their views on them. The opinions of Ukrainian businesses, government representatives,  social and environmental NGO’s, trade unions and other members of civil society are considered highly valuable for and a core component of the Trade SIA process. All the comments received in the workshop will be discussed by the consultant team and serve to increase the quality and analysis of the reports.

Workshop program

Global Analysis Report (eng)

More information about the EU-Ukraine TSIA project is available on the web-site:


July 10, 2007